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VCLink provides a centralized location for West Virginia business information. Members will be able to find information on West Virginia jobs, opportunities, companies, events, and bulletins. VCLink provides a centralized portal for finding information on West Virginia employment, jobs, businesses, and opportunities.

"Getting the Right Knowledge to the Right People at the Right Time."

VCLink provides a portal for West Virginia business and job seekers. By becoming a member of this service you can utilize all of VCLink’s tools, which include West Virginia business opportunities, jobs, resumes, and company profiles, to name a few.

What you will find:

VCLink gives companies the ability to promote and advance their business. It provides business templates and documents, allows employers to search resumes of potential employees, gives an avenue to post events and bulletins, and provides a location for finding other West Virginia companies.

It provides the tools necessary for recent college graduates and individuals looking for a new job or career path to succeed. It allows you to search current West Virginia job listings and immediately get your resume out to the companies by posting it to the site. (Also, home to WVJobs.org).

Why register:

Promote your business in our West Virginia economic regional company database - profiles are easy to create and update.
Got Jobs? Post your jobs.
Post your resume. Apply for job openings.
Share announcements. Create a community member account to post information on events, jobs, and business opportunities.


“The site was designed to bring West Virginia companies closer together, and make it easier to find West Virginia jobs and opportunities by creating a centralized portal for West Virginia businesses to communicate.” – John Gaddis, VCLink Program Manager

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